Real-Time Hybrid Application

Real-Time Hybrid Applications

Harness The Power Of Live Content By Our Real Time Development Of Innovative Apps

Comcity Tech provides end-to-end software solutions that deliver a great performance in a real-time environment. We have a strong team of developers, designs, testing professionals and more to do real time development of apps within a given deadline. Be it a mobile app or a real time web application, we adeptly harness the power of live content and meet the expectations of our clients . Our solutions do not end here and extend even beyond to cater to diverse industry needs.

Over the years, the increasing affordability of mobile devices has vastly enhanced the expectation of the end users. In this respect, our embedded real time systems make a big difference in fulfilling their expectations. We consistently keep a tab on the changing trends of software development to deliver the best solutions.

Our Approach For Delivering Real-Time Solutions

As most of our real-time solutions are in the form of apps for either web or mobile devices, we have a structured approach for our real time app development process.
*Research                              *Testing
*Planning                              *Integration
*Design                                  *Support

Our Real-Time Solutions

Real-time monitoring apps 

We have the expertise to develop apps that can efficiently monitor a range of processes or things in a real-time environment. For example, we can build our mobile apps for monitoring app performance, end user’s heart rate, app store data, production process, social media updates, and much more.

Real time mobile chat apps

At Comcity Tecg, we offer completely customizable, visually stunning and thoroughly engaging chat apps via which a group of people can effortlessly exchange their views or can simply communicate with each other in real-time.

Real time tracking apps 

Location tracking apps are already popular and our developers with their expertise design develop reliable tracking apps to track almost everything like location, time, shipment, mobile number, flights, taxi, and much more. Our real time mobile tracking apps prevent theft of mobile devices to a great extent.

Real-time mobile survey apps

Our survey apps are already popular among business and educational organizations because of the ease they offer to do a survey and thus conducting research or planning business strategies.