Our Creative Team  helps manage and guide your business growth online.

Kunle Joseph - Chief Operations Officer

Kunle has been dedicated to the advancement of web technologies for different IT businesses for the majority of the last decade. His focus has been primarily in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) developing highly scalable websites and applications that allow his stakeholders to build and expand their businesses without the headache of managing their web presence and digital utilities manually. Kunle’s CMS (content management system) of choice is WordPress. He has been developing with WordPress for over 7 years but also has experience building and managing web assets in Magento, Joomla, Elgg, Social Engine, Laravel, CodeIgniter and extending their functionalities with many back office integration services.

Throughout his career he has worked in many areas of marketing, and actually obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology. Also a globally  Certified Digital Marketing Associate, he has experience in every aspect of digital marketing for business, from illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, to online research, to back office ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integrations, giving him the ability to make technology decisions based on the big picture and not just his comfort level. His ability to gain a deep understanding of business objectives inside & outside of the web and his ability to understand the basic fundamentals of a large number of web applications and platforms allows him to build effective strategies for successful web assets across many industries and verticals.

Tyler Rylen - Digital Strategist

Tyler Rylen is the Digital Director for Comcity Technologies.  Her objective is to ensure digital projects run smoothly and that clients are achieving desired results.

With over five years of experience in internet marketing strategy, SEO, Social Media, PPC, and integral aspects of marketing, Tyler brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and is truly an expert at helping clients find a presence on the web. She  enjoys working on projects on a daily basis and helping clients get found in search engines like Google and Yahoo, and social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. She is also very interested in foundational aspects of web development along with graphic design.  Tyler is Google AdWords Certified and she is currently working toward other esteemed accreditations.

 Tyler works remotely and still holds a range of marketing and IT project management consultancy roles for gaming companies in Washington DC.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a MBA from Howard University.

Canaan Etaigbenu - App Developer & Digital Producer

Canaan is a technology advocate and software enthusiast.  He believes the closest thing to real magic, is computer programming.  That is why he is so passionate about application development.  After graduating from the University of Jos, Canaan decided to follow his destiny in technology and learn to code.  He taught himself software development and the languages of the web and continues to learn new tools as the industry evolves.

“The web is the perfect outlet for businesses today. People can find what they are looking for in a simple search online.  Taking advantage of that power is a necessity.  You must have a strong digital presence with both a modern website and intuitive user experience for people to believe in your company.”

At Comcity, Canaan spends his time creating software and mobile using modern technologies and frameworks like: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony and AngularJS, Ionic, SCRUM, etc. and with best practices to enhance the digital presence of our clients.

Dare Okikiola - Senior Web Developer

Dare Okikiola is a web developer at  Comcity Technologies with a bachelor’s degree in computer science  and six years experience in web development. It is his position that a memorable web experience involves several media at once, and requires of its creators a combination of design skills such as layout and typography as well as the required coding skills to bring an idea to life. Having these allows one to write code from scratch that is concise yet functional, and adds in valuable user experience to a site than can set it above others. It befits the developer to build their skillset to accommodate this variety, and that has been the driving force in drawing Robert into this field.

Over the past several years he has honed skills building web applications in CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento as well as frameworks made with either PHP, JavaScript or both such as CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony and AngularJS. Having a design background has helped inform his development practices (especially grid systems and CSS) as well as aided in integrating with design teams and helped increase the efficiency of collaborative efforts between design and development creatives.

In addition to development, Dare continues to expand his visual arts repertoire in a variety of areas, from digital illustration and animation to screen printing to photorealist painting. He has had the opportunity to show his artwork several times over the past few years and looks forward to doing so again.

Uchechukwu Egbuchulam - Cyber Security Analyst

Uche is a Cyber Security enthusiast. He is an active member of Cyber Security Community with a degree in Information Technology and several certifications in Cyber Security.

Uche works as information security investigator at Comcity Technologies, focusing on threat intelligence and investigation of advanced cyber attacks. His fields of interest include malware analysis, reverse engineering, memory forensics and threat intelligence.

Uche ensure all projects developed at Comcity are subjected to penetration testing, acceptance testing and other vulnerability testing methods to ensure the codes are continually secure.

Ify Benson - Social Media Strategist

As a Social Media Strategist, Ify uses her sharp wit and keen sense of knowing the audience to make her clients’ social media presence come to life. Whether she is evaluating a current social media strategy and offering improvements or she is crafting a social media strategy from the ground up, Ify effortlessly weaves through the ins and outs of public profiles to keep the fans engaged and longing for more, boosting her clients’ online presence in the process.

Ify has been improving the social media presence of companies for over five years, and she thrives on helping brands build lasting relationships with their customers through active communication and enticing entertainment. She is always seeking that viral post that will boost web traffic and search engine rankings in record time, but even in the everyday world of news and events, Amy excels at keeping the readers intrigued without being overbearing.

As the Social Media Strategist at Comcity, Amy will bring new and existing social media accounts to life, reinforcing one of the most important aspects in digital marketing today: building trust. From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram to Google Plus and even Snapchat, Ify is well versed in all of the social media platforms. She knows which platforms are ideal for what industries, and which ones are better left alone. She understands the value of engaging, informative, inspirational content on social media, and she knows that although selling has its place on social media, that is not what it’s all about. With Ife on the scene, your social media accounts can attract a new audience, helping you build a fan base that will be loyal for life.

Ify’s experience has primed her to be a Social Media Strategist. She received a degree in mass communications at Lagos State University, where she developed her passion for writing and marketing. She began her career at Eleve8 Communications Limited, where she served as the brand manager, overseeing everything from daily operations to blog writing to social media management. Her efficient research methods and engaging writing style make her the perfect candidate for crafting compelling social media posts.

Olumide Akinsoyin - Senior Graphic Designer

As a Senior Graphic Designer, Olumide brings his instinctive eye for design and creative ideas to the clients of Comcity technologies. He works one-on-one with clients to ensure he completely understands their marketing objectives so he can deliver precisely what the client is looking for. Olumide doesn’t only give his clients what they want, but he opens the doors to what they need to succeed.

Olumide thrives on taking something dull and turning it into something inspiring. He brings his passion and keen sense for design to a variety of projects, including responsive websites, app design, and traditional marketing pieces. He has an innate talent to transform brand strategies and marketing objectives into eye-catching displays both on and off the web. While always focusing on aesthetics, Olumide  never forgets the importance of the user experience and a clean UI design.

Prior to joining Comcity, Olumide put his talents to work as the lead designer at a prominent marketing agency in Lagos. He worked with numerous clients from a variety of industries, including some big names like Nigerian Breweries, Guinness, Unilever, Citi Group, and more.

After graduating from Lagos State University with a degree in Mass Communication, Olumide has earned several awards for his graphic design work, including six American Graphic Design Awards in 2009 and another five in 2007-2008. His awards were for his website designs, logo creations, and printed material concepts.